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 ACMI (S) Series STORZ
 Series of Cystoscopes
 Inludes 0 &12 &30 Deg Cystoscopes
 Like New Condition
 ACMI (S) Series STORZ
 Collection of Cystoscopy Sheath
 17 & 19 & 20 & 22 & 25 Fr Sheath
 Sheath with Obturator and Long Bridge
 ACMI (S) Series STORZ
 Collection of Cystoscopy Sheath
 Sheath & Optical Forceps & Continues Flow Sheath e
 Like New Condition
 Stryker Cystoscopy Set:
 Scopes: 502880012: 12 degree/4mm/autoclavable
 502880070: 70 degree/4mm/autoclavable
 Sheaths: 502978030: 4mm.......
 Storz Laser Set
 27005FA 12 degrees/4mm
 23fr 27026LI Diagnostic Obturator......
 Good condition.
 Storz Laser set:
 26120BA 2.9mm/30degree 26161B
 Continuous Flow Operating Sheath 5mm...........
 ACMI M3G Scope/ 12 Degree
 EIWE Elite Iglesias Working Element
 EVUS22 Visual Urethrotome Sheath 22fr
 EVUS22OB Visual Obturator 22fr.Good condition
 27005 BA Cystoscope
 rigid endoscope; 30 deg/ 4.0mm/ 30cm length
 Good condition.
 stryker laserscope set includes;
 laser scope; 502532030 30deg/4mm/31cm
 laser sheath; 502880299 operating bridge;
 502880303 diagnostic bridge; 502880301
 cyf3 flexible cystoscope
 cyf4 flexible cystoscope
 acmi acn1 cystoscope
 11272CI cystourethrofiberscope
 icn0654 cystoscope
 cystoscope 27005ba
 30deg 4mm;with operative sheath 26163b
 Good condition.
 stryker cystoscopy set:
 502729030 30deg / 2.9mm
 502729061 /062 operative sheath set
 502990401 working element ......
 STORZ Cystoscope set:
 27005 AA 0deg/4mm
 27005 BA 30deg/4mm
 27005 CA 70deg/4mm .......
 502880030 4mm/30deg Cystoscope with:
 Stryker 502770100 Forcep
 Stryker 502880300........
 timberlake obturator
 eishcf 27 ; inner sheath ;eoshcf 27.
 outer sheath.Good Condition
 Cystoscopy Laser Set:
 M330A 30deg/4mm Scope
 CLS23 Outer Sheath ......
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