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Olympus PCF-H180AL Colonoscopes

Olympus WA50050A 5mm/30deg HD EndoEye

Olympus GIF-N180 Gastroscope - Excellent

Olympus LF-GP Fiberscope

Stryker 502-704-030 4mm/30deg Video Arthroscopes IDEALEYES

Storz 26046BA 5mm/30deg Laparoscope

Olympus MAJ-1430 BRAND NEW Pigtails


(Stryker, Hall, Dyonics, etc.)

Camera Systems (HD/Non-HD) / Stryker OR Equipment (Power)

Olympus / Fujinon / Pentax Flexible List at bottom of page -- Please Respond for Pricing

Rigid Scope Inventory not listed --- 2000+ Scopes Available in Good Condition

*Please note, we have a large inventory available. If what you are looking for is not listed below, we may still have it available. Let us know.


Please contact for pricing if interested

Olympus WA50011A HD EndoEye Video Laparoscope 0deg/10mm

Olympus WA50013A HD EndoEye Video Laparoscope 30deg/10mm





Olympus / Pentax / Fujinon Flexible Inventory

Olympus TJF-Q180V Duodenoscope

Olympus GF-UE160-AL5 Ultrasound Gastroscope

Olympus GIF-Q160Z Gastroscope

Olympus GIF-XTQ160 Gastroscope

Olympus GIF-H180J Gastroscope

Olympus GIF-XP190N Gastroscope Brand New

Olympus CF-100TL Colonoscope

Olympus CF-140L Colonoscope

Olympus CF-Q160ZL Colonoscope

Olympus CF-H180AL Colonoscope

Olympus PCF-130L Pediatric Colonoscope

Olympus PCF-H180AL Pediatric Colonoscope

Pentax EG29-i10 Gastroscope

Pentax EC38-i10F2 Colonoscope

EC34-i10F Colonoscope

Pentax EG16-K10 Slim Gastroscope

Fujinon VP-4400HD Video Processor and XL-4400 Light Source

Fujinon EG-450WR5 Gastroscope

Fujinon EG-530N Gastroscope

Olympus OTV-S7PROH-HD-L08E HD Camera Heads / NTSC + PAL Available

Olympus OTV-S7PROH-HD-10E HD Camera Heads / PAL

Stryker 4100 Cordless Driver Set:

Stryker 4100 Cordless Drill

Stryker 4100-110 Synthes

Stryker 4100-131 Jacobs Chuck

Stryker 4100-62 Wire Collet

Stryker 4100-231 Jacobs Reamer

Discounted Package Price: $900

Stryker System 6 Set :

Stryker System 6 Rotary Drill 6205

Stryker System 6 Sagittal Saw 6208

Stryker System 6 Reciprocating Saw 6206

Stryker Dual Trigger Wire Collet 6203-62

Stryker Hudson Modified Trinkle 6203-135

Stryker ┬╝" Jacobs Chuck 6203-131

Stryker Pin Collet 6203-126

Stryker Hudson Attachment 6203-113

Stryker Synthes Drill Attachment 6203-110

Stryker Battery Pack 6215 x 4

Stryker Battery Charger 6110-120

Discounted Package Price: $5650

Stryker Core Orthopedic Power Tools

Stryker TPS Hand Switch 5100-9

Stryker Core Micro Drill 5400-15

Stryker Core Sagittal Saw 5400-34

Stryker Core Reciprocating Saw 5400-37

Stryker Core Oscillating Saw 5400-31

Stryker Core Universal Driver 5400-99

Stryker TPS Cord 5100-4

Stryker Straight MD Series Attachment 5100-15-250

Stryker Synthes Drill 4100-110

Stryker Pin Collet 4100-125

Stryker ┬╝" Jacobs Chuck 4100-131

Stryker 5/32" Jacobs Chuck 4100-132

Stryker Wire Collet 4100-62

Stryker Core Console 5400-50

´╗┐Stryker TPS Foot Pedal 5100-8

Contact for Pricing

Dyonics 560P HD Camera System w/ 24" Sony HD Monitor & Video Arthroscope

Dyonics 560P HD Camera Console with 560H HD Camera Head

Dyonics LED3000 LED Light Source with Light Guide Cable

Dyonics HD Video Arthroscope 72201501 30deg/4mm with Sheath and Obturator

Sony 24" LCD HD Monitor with Power Adaptor

Discounted Package Price: $3250

Dyonics 460P 3-CCD Camera System w/ 19" NDS Monitor & Video Arthroscope

Dyonics 460P 3-CCD Camera System

Dyonics 300XL Xenon Light Source

7205922 Video Arthroscope with Sheath and Obturator

19" NDS Monitor

Discounted Package Price: $1400

Linvatec IM4000 HD 1080P Camera System w/ 26" VP4726 HD Monitor & HD Arthroscope

Linvatec IM4000 HD Camera Console with IM4120 HD Camera Head

Linvatec LS7700 Xenon Light Source with Light Guide Cable

Linvatec HD4300 HD Arthroscope 30deg/4mm with Sheath and Obturator

Linvatec 26" LCD HD Monitor with Power Adaptor

Linvatec GS1002 40L Insufflator

Discounted Package Price: $4750


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